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The fact that the ear is lighter than normal, i.e. ‘scoop’ in the folk language, can be eliminated by ear aesthetics. The problem of the scoop ear can be congenital or may occur as a result of an accident. The problem of scooped ears or ears being too large compared to the face affects people psychologically from an early age. The problem of the scoop ear is due to the disproportality of the auricle with the face.

When it comes to ear aesthetics, our people usually understand “scoop ear”. We call it “autoplasty” in plastic surgery. Why do you use a scoop ear? Because of the distortion it creates in the image, the ears look more than necessary.



Otoplasty surgery technique is performed under general anesthesia. The average duration of surgery varies between 1-2 hours. The shape to be given to the ear with an instalment made from behind the ear is made with some suture techniques. Cartilage excision is performed if necessary according to the condition of the case and a natural aesthetic ear is tried to be obtained.

After surgery, the incision behind the ear is closed with sutures. It can be a vague scar that does not bother at all because it is behind the ear.

If the dressings are sterile during and after the operation, no signs of infection are found. When the seams used for the patient are suitable and of good quality, opening in the ear, re-scooping and disfigurement are not seen. Peroperative good bleeding control and postoperative good dressing and follow-up do not follow up on hematoma.