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It is very important that the organs and systems in the body work correctly in order to live a healthy life and to ensure that our quality of life remains high. The smallest problem in one of the interconnected body system organs negatively affects the correct functioning of other organs. The ear, nose and throat are among the cornerstones of these system elements.

“Autorinolarengology” section, popularly known as Ear Nose Throat (ENT); it is a health area that specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of disorders occurring in the head, neck, ear, nose and throat. Besides basic diseases such as headache, chronic pain, sinusitis, sore throat, tinnitus, discharge, inflammation and snoring, mass detection in the head and neck area, thyroid and parathyroid diseases and tumors, salivary gland diseases and tumors, head neck tumors (such as larynx, nasal, oral, sinus and skull tumors…) Nose aesthetics and aesthetic interventions for the face, treatment of hearing loss and eardrum and all kinds of procedures requiring surgical intervention fall into the area of the ear, nose and throat unit. However, special diseases such as tonsils and nasal flesh, which usually occur in children and fall into the area of the ear, nose and throat unit, are also included in the scope of the treatment.



The ear, nose and throat unit has a treatment area that finds answers to many diseases due to its extensive specialty. The complaints of the person about the ear, nose and throat are examined in detail by experts.

Ear diseases from the treatment areas of ENT are shaped by various complaints. These complaints are usually listed as middle ear inflammations, ringing, temporary or permanent hearing loss, facial paralysis, disorders of the ear nerves and aesthetic disorders. Applicants, citing the above complaints, are subjected to a thorough screening by specialist physicians. The treatment method is determined according to the findings obtained as a result of extensive screening. As these treatment methods are at the outpatient level, surgical and aesthetic procedures requiring more comprehensive intervention are included in the scope of the ear, nose and throat unit.

In addition, the application of the device or prostheses needed for the treatment of hearing impairment is carried out by this unit. Nose-centered complaints also fall within the scope of treatment of the ear, nose and throat unit. Complaints such as loss of smell, nasal congestion, nasal inflammations, bleeding and deformities are among the main diseases that the unit deals with.

One of the main treatment areas of the ear, nose and throat unit is also noted as throat diseases. Ear, nose and throat unit should be applied for snoring, sleep apnea, reflux, polyps and nodules formed in the vocal cords, jaw and sore throat, dry throat, burning sensation and esophageal diseases. These complaints at the outpatient level are resolved by the specialists of the ear, nose and throat unit with diagnosis and correct treatment methods. In addition, aesthetic deformations and distortions are among the surgical treatment stages of the ear, nose and throat unit.