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It provides an efective appearance by changing the form of the eyebrow, giving it a new eyebrow form and volume. This process helps us to put the eyebrow in a uniform shape by bringing the eyebrow in the direction we want for the eyebrow structures that are low downward, have a hair structure in the hard tissue that curls from the inside, short quite lush but do not rise towards the top.



Botox applied binds and strengthens all ligaments in the structure of the eyebrow with care. Eyebrow botox procedure is not a procedure performed using injection. Lamination is a procedure applied for long-term shaping of your eyebrows.

The asymmetry of the eyebrows solves the problem of hard hair growing in the wrong direction and allows it to get the desired shape and color. Laminated eyebrows make it possible to give an ideal eyebrow appearance. It heals, strengthens eyebrows and feeds them with protein botox care. Eyebrow painting is performed on eyebrows that will be laminated, but eyebrow henna cannot be done. If desired, it can be done after 2 days.