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Genital Aesthetics, Aesthetic interventions to be performed on the genital area can be applied using laser and surgical treatment methods. Due to the rapid wound healing in this area, it can be applied together with other aesthetic surgeries. Labioplasty and vaginoplasty are the most commonly applied methods.

Female external genital organs; The bony part under the belly, called mons pubis, consists of the outer lips (labia major), the inner lips (labia minor), the upper junction of the labia minor (clitoris), the hymen, the hymen. Problems in the sexual area are divided into three sections during and after birth and developmentally.

Congenital problems, external and consequent internal genital organ abnormalities can be in the form of no development, overdevelopment or abnormal development. This condition can be noticed at birth or manifested by menstrual problems during adolescence.



Vaginoplasty surgery takes an average of 45 minutes-1 hour with local anesthesia (regional anesthesia) or sedation method (mild sedation). Since most of the stitches are at the bottom, it is invisible, quite comfortable painless and risk-free surgery. You can return to our daily routine 2 days after the operation. After this surgery, no serious pain is seen in the patients. It can be relieved with the painkillers given.

It is very important that you pay attention to your personal cleanliness after vaginoplasty. The dressings of your stitches should be carried out regularly and medications given by the doctor should be used regularly. Stitches are poured spontaneously after 15-20 days.