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In this method, a cyclath device that shoots at a constant depth is used. Real hair follicles are imitated with micro pigments processed on the superficial part of the epidermis. It is tried to create the appearance that there is a hair follicle on the scalp. The aim is to reduce the color difference between the hair and scalp and prevent it from appearing lighter.

Microblading is a temporary manipulation technique based on image. Its permanence is on average 3 to 4 years, depending on the skin structure of the person. Dyes processed on the scalp are completely removed from the body at the end of this period.



It is possible to perform hair simulation application with 2 different uses. Although the application of the two uses is the same, the purposes of the two are different. The first is the micro pigmentation process, in which hair is completely shaved. Another can be called shading technique for long hair.

This method is used to mimic real hair follicles. In order to create this simulation, the hair must be completely shaved. Our small pigment points are 2D and our real hair strands are 3D. After the hair is completely shaved, the 2D pigment points processed on the scalp form a whole, giving the person the appearance of ‘newly shaved’ hair. In order to provide the highest benefit from hair simulation; This application is applied to those who have serious hair loss problems, those who experience regional shedding such as alopecia areata and people who have widespread shedding, by shaving their hair completely.