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Microblading is a permanent makeup method that allows to achieve natural eyebrows of lushness, thickness and length, ideal for eyebrows that become sparse over time and lose their form. The aim of microblading is to make the eyebrow that best suits the person’s face in the most natural way. For this reason, it is made in the form of scratches that resemble individual eyebrow hair called hair technique. The pigment, which is placed on every scratch thrown into the skin during the procedure, has a hair appearance almost completely. The difference between eyebrow tattooing is that the pigment is left in the epidermis, the top layer of the skin.

Although microblading eyebrow procedure is called permanent makeup, it is not a lifelong procedure. Since the paint is processed on the top layer of the skin, its permanence is on average 1-2 years. This period also varies according to the skin type and color of the person.



Shaping in the microblading process is the first step. After the person chooses the shape he wants to be himself, the suitability is checked with the specialist. Since not every eyebrow shape will be suitable for each face, the desired shape is scaled to the face size of the person and a drawing is made as a base. The important thing here is to trust the expert.

The expert in this subject plays a big role in deciding the eyebrow shape that suits you best. Since eyebrow shape is of great importance in facial expression, it is necessary to adhere to more expert opinion at this stage. After the drawing is made, it is submitted for the approval of the person and if approved, permanent processing is proceeded. After approximately 1 to 1.5 hours of processing, the microblading process is completed.