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Nose aesthetics, called Rhinoplasty in medical language, is an aesthetic operation to treat the existing appearance and functions of the nose, in which bone and cartilage tissue in the nose is reshaped and given a new appearance.

Nose aesthetics is an operation performed to give the entire face and a nose compatible with the person, which is the ideal breathing function. In general, aesthetic nose surgeries are performed on the disalization of the nose shape in a visual sense.

Nose aesthetics, or rhinoplasty, is the name given to surgical operations to change the shape of the nose.

Reasons for having a nose job include repairing deformities in an injury, or changing the physical appearance of the nose to correct a birth defect, or improving some breathing difficulties, making breathing easier.



Rhinoplasty is a difficult surgery, simple. There’s a lot of reasons for that. First, your nose face is three and three and three shapes.

Although what was done during rhinoplasty was very small, in this way it made a big difference in the appearance of the nose and in journalism. The margin of error is also high for this small one. It’s the one who’s operating so that the nose is as much as life. It is difficult to say when the final desired result has been reached.

But a year of exemplary swelling is a big thing. For this reason, bile recommended at least a year as required by a second operation.