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Obesity is a disease that causes serious health problems if not observed. It can be defined as having higher fat rates in people’s bodies than usual. The problem of obesity, which can be measured by body mass index, is of different values for men and women. The body mass index is obtained as a result of dividing the body weight of individuals by the square of their height. As a result of these values, definitions can be made as normal weight, obese, overweight or morbidly obese.
Obesity, which is among the most serious problems of our time, is frequently seen in developed and developing countries. Research has proven that the history of this disease is 100 years old. The problem of obesity is a serious problem that has existed since the past and is increasing in frequency today and must be treated early. Obesity disease can be seen in every person from infancy, usually the incidence increases in adolescence and old age.



Obesity disease does not occur only due to unhealthy nutrition. There may be other underlying causes of this problem. Therefore, when diagnosing and treating this disease, it is important to identify the underlying causes very well and to implement a treatment program in line with these reasons. Other causes of obesity can be explained as follows;

• Increased sedentary lifestyle due to increased desk work, work intensity and home closures
• YThe wrong eating habits we have mentioned above
• Genetic factors due to some hereditary diseases caused by the family
• Overfeeding habits
•  Having a carbohydrate-heavy diet
• Problems and psychological problems in social life, business or family life
•  Insulin resistance, sleep apnea, polycystic ovary, thyroid gland diseases, genetic obesity syndromes, pancreatic diseases, hormonal disorders, pituitary gland diseases and surreal gland diseases are among the main causes of obesity.