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Cancer is an important health and life problem that is increasingly prevalenced in the world and in Turkey. Among the life-threatening diseases, it ranks second after cardiovascular diseases. Oral Cancer, Skin Cancer, bowel, uterus and lung; in men are lung, prostate, bowel, bladder and stomach cancers.

Diagnosis and treatment of cancer should be carried out multidisciplinaryly in cooperation with many specialties. One of these specialties, Medical Oncology, is interested in chemotherapy applications, which means the treatment of cancer with medication.



The department dealing with chemotherapy is called “Medical Oncology” or “Medical Oncology”, and the doctor working in this field is called “Medical Oncologist”. Medical oncology is a separate specialty; The medical oncologist is an internal medicine specialist specializing in tumor treatment. Tumor treatment is a team effort and must be applied in centers where all members of this team are present. This team should include a specialist surgeon on tumor surgery, a radiation oncologist related to radiation therapy (radiotherapy), a medical oncologist on chemotherapy and patient care (support therapy).

What is the Purpose of Chemotherapy Application?
Chemotherapy can be applied for different reasons such as the type of tumor and the characteristics of the patient.

To completely destroy the tumor and heal the patient,
To prevent the spread of the tumor,
To stop or slow down the growth of the tumor,
Chemotherapy is performed to eradicate the symptoms caused by the tumor