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The unit of hospitals and similar health institutions responsible for providing necessary medical intervention to diseases related to the mouth, teeth, gums and jaw area is called the oral and dental health unit. The medics working in this unit are listed as chief physician, dentist, dental technician, dental prosthesis technician, X-ray technician, nurse, sterilization nurse.

Oral and dental health problems can be experienced in a wide variety of ways. Oral and dental health problems may occur due to many factors such as genetic structure, age, personal care and hygiene rules, and diet. This has led to the emergence of many sub-units of the oral and dental health departments. These sections are; orthodontics, periodontology, pedodontics, oral and jaw surgery, endodontics and aesthetic dentistry. In the oral and dental health unit, the patient’s complaint is listened to in detail by the person providing the relevant health service and then the necessary tests are carried out.



Oral and dental health problems can be varied. Accordingly, the oral and dental health unit operates by being divided into groups within itself.

Preventive Dentistry: Dental and oral health is especially important in youth and childhood. During this period, the person should have regular check-ups and pay attention to the rules of personal hygiene.

Orthodontics: Distortion of the teeth, upper and lower jaw mismatches, disorders of the teeth at the closing of the mouth fall into the area of the orthodontic unit

Periodontology: The periodontology unit is interested in gum diseases. Gum diseases that start with gingivitis cause problems such as tooth loss, gum stones, gum withdrawals, periodontitis (damage to the tissues supporting the teeth and alveol bone).

Pedodontics: Oral and dental health problems seen in childhood are treated in the pedodontic unit.

Oral and Jaw Surgery: Oral and jaw surgery unit plays a role in the treatment of diseases such as cyst and lesion formation in jaw bones, tooth and jaw fractures, implant treatments, loss of size in jaw bones.

Endodontics: Endodontic unit is involved in the treatment of the problem of loss of vitality of the teeth as a result of damage to the pulp tissue where nerve and vascular packages are located in the teeth.

Aesthetic Dentistry: Distorted appearance of teeth, deterioration of the surface or shape of the teeth, physical harmony between the gums and teeth, caries, coloration are treated in the aesthetic dentistry unit.