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Permanent eyeliner appears as a permanent makeup application on top of the eyelid area of the eyelid. It is a permanent makeup application that can be applied on the eyelid, with or without a tail, according to your preference. The treatment of eyelash bottoms is also called deepliner. We will also review the Deepliner process under a separate heading. It is a very practical permanent makeup application that eliminates the need to take eyeliner every day or to constantly renew your eyeliner line during the day.

Before proceeding to the answer to the question of how to make permanent eyeliner, it is worth mentioning the differences that distinguish the permanent eyeliner process from the tattoo. Since the eyelid is more sensitive and thinner than other parts of the skin, permanent eyeliner applications should also be carried out using permanent eyeliner dyes and equipment specially developed for it.

The most important point here, of course, is that you are working with a professional permanent makeup specialist who is an expert in the field. Traditional tattoos on other parts of the body have a lifetime of permanence, while special organic pigments, which are also used in permanent eyeliner, begin to leave your body over time. Therefore, you can continue to use it as on the first day by having a touch-up procedure for your eyeliner every 3-5 years.



During this time, an exemplary eyeliner line is first drawn on your eyelid. This line should mostly fit exactly with the eyeliner line that the person wants to achieve. After the decision is made on an eyeliner line according to the personal wishes and needs of the person, permanent eyeliner paints are prepared. The special permanent eyeliner pen is first immersed in these dyes and then the sample passes over the permanent eyeliner line to inject permanent eyeliner paints.

At this point, it is worth noting that an effective local anesthetic cream is applied to the eyelid just before the application so that the person does not face any pain during the injection. After the injection process is completed, the permanent eyeliner process is completed.