Customer Satisfaction Priority Service Concept…

The patient’s contact with VALETUDO MEDICAL:

Patients should go to VALETUDO MEDICAL

  • through the website,
  • VALETUDO MEDICAL‘s patient relations specialists by phone or mail,
  • They can be reached through VALETUDO MEDICAL representatives / offices in Europe, the Middle East, the Americas and Central Asia.
  1. Information about the Treatment Process:
    If our patients want to come during the operation planning process, we will be happy to plan the treatment process with them.

However, when our patients send us all their medical information and test results, we prepare patient-specific treatment plans of specialist doctors and share them with them.

If the patient uses more than one method, the patient will be contacted and the patient will decide which method to choose. With VALETUDO MEDICAL, patients have the opportunity to quickly access the medical evaluations of the best physicians in their field. The condition of the patients is evaluated within 24 hours and the patient is returned to the patient. Patients can access all the information about all the centers where they can be treated and make comparisons. Patients can make comparisons by having information about all the medical technologies to be used in the treatment. can select the option.


Arrival in Turkey:

  • Flight tickets are purchased by VALETUDO MEDICAL or by the patient, depending on the patient’s request.
  • If patients need to stay at the hotel before or during the treatment, hotel reservations are made by VALETUDO MEDICAL, depending on their wishes. VALETUDO MEDICAL has contracted hotels located in close locations to hospitals all over Turkey. Patients can choose the hotels they want to stay in line with their budget from among the alternatives.
  • When the patients arrive in Turkey, they are met at the airport by the VALETUDO MEDICAL patient representative and transferred to the hotel or hospital where they will stay.
  1. Treatment process
    Treatments are carried out in hospitals with JCI certified high medical technology and the best doctors in the field.

On the day of treatment, the transfer of the patients to the hospital is made by VALETUDO MEDICAL from the hotel or the airport. VALETUDO MEDICAL consultants are with the patients 24/7. Every step of the treatment is followed by VALETUDO MEDICAL consultants.


Türkiye’den Ayrılış

VALETUDO MEDICAL consultants make all the necessary arrangements for the patient to leave the hospital on the day of discharge.
Patients are informed about control appointments and post-operative care before leaving the hospital.
Transfer of the patient to the airport is free of charge.
If requested by the patient, touristic excursions, paid for by the patient, are organized by VALETUDO MEDICAL.

After Treatment

  1. Patients can always contact VALETUDO MEDICAL for post-treatment care after returning to their country. The post-treatment care process of the patients is followed through the offices of VALETUDO MEDICAL in the relevant Countries.

You do not have to research the hospital, treatment options and price alternatives for the treatment of your disease yourself. VALETUDO MEDICAL does all the research for you and shares all the alternatives with you. All treatment processes of the patients are followed by the VALETUDO MEDICAL team and their contracted doctors, and patients and their relatives are regularly informed.


Why Turkey ?

Great strides have been made in the Turkish health sector in recent years. Turkey; It provides services at European Union standards with its modern hospitals, trained manpower, specialist doctors, technological infrastructure and experience.
One of the most important reasons why Turkey is one of the most preferred countries in health tourism is the shorter waiting time in many medical procedures compared to America, Europe and many countries, as well as the availability of safe treatment options and stable price norms.
Turkey is a center of attraction in terms of health tourism with its geographical location, health institutions it has, trained and educated manpower in the sector, spas and natural beauties. With both its historical and cultural richness and its level of development in the field of health, Turkey is among the top 10 countries in the world.
Compared to Europe, North America and England, treatment costs are 60-70% more economical on average.
The vast majority of healthcare professionals speak a foreign language, and most of the medical doctors are in scientific cooperation with the USA and European countries.
Turkey is known for its health tourism diversity. In addition to providing the best service to patients with its specialist doctors and facilities, it also includes many treatment options.
Medical treatments (advanced treatments, cardiovascular surgery, radiotherapy, organ transplantation, in vitro fertilization, aesthetic surgery, eye, dental, etc.), spa (wellness, cure treatments, spa), physical therapy, anti-aging, disabled and elderly tourism is located.
Turkey is a mosaic with its historical and cultural structure. Since it is an intercontinental bridge, every tourist can easily find a piece of himself. For this reason, Turkish people are known as one of the most hospitable, friendly and tolerant societies in the world.
Before or after the treatment, patients who wish can rest at the facilities close to Turkey’s 352 blue flag beaches, where 300 days of sunshine per year are spent, and can visit the rich historical ruins that are on the UNESCO World Heritage list.
Turkey is one of the most advantageous countries with its political and geostrategic position in terms of health tourism.