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Prosthetic nails with different types such as acrylic nails, gel nails and dipping nails; Special gels applied on the nails, that is, it is a type of nail that is obtained by placing plastic nails on the tip of the nails after the preservatives and is quite useful.

Prosthetic nails that look more natural and have a more robust structure than false nails; it can be used for years if their maintenance is not neglected regularly. Prosthetic nails, whose service life can be quite long; unlike false nails, it looks natural, just like it’s a real fingernail.

Since prosthetic nails are like a part of you, you do not feel like redundancy. You can even rub nail polish on the prosthetic nail, which has a completely natural appearance. In fact, nail polish is more permanent than nail polish on real nails. You can adjust the length according to your request. You should take care that your prosthetic fingernail does not come into contact with chemicals. Remove your nail polish with acetone-free extractors. At the same time, it is not affected by substances such as shampoo or soap.



Gel nails; In this method, a liquid is applied to the fingernail. This method is one of the most preferred and durable methods.

This gel liquid is applied with three different steps. Initially driven gel is used to fix the liquid nail. Secondly, a more thick gel is applied. With this applied gel, the fingernail is shaped. Finally, a final touch-up is made to the fingernail with the applied gel. With this latest gel applied, your nails look brighter.

Acrylic nails; It is the application of prosthetic nails made with a special powder and a special liquid. Unfortunately, this application does not seem very natural. The nail, which is plastic, is placed on the nail tip and the rest of the nail is filled with special mixture.

Dippig quotes; This application is similar to acrylic nail application. The only difference from acrylic nail application is that it is odorless. In addition, the appearance of the nails is matte.