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PRP treatment is used to treat wrinkles, blemishes, acne and scars and skin cracks. After the application, a decrease in sagging and wrinkle marks is observed. Applying stain treatments such as peeling and lasers together with PRP speeds up the treatment process and supports permanent results.

It can be applied to all age groups and genders. In cancer patients, it cannot be applied when the platelet count is low. PRP is applied as 3 – 4 sessions with an interval of 2 weeks. It can be repeated every 10 – 12 months. Practice sessions last an average of 30 minutes. PRP can be given to deep wrinkles such as fillers or can be used as mesotherapy or as a mask.

Since PRP belongs to the patient, there is no side effect. There is no possibility of allergies and other reactions, as it is from the person’s own blood without the use of a foreign substance. There may be a slight pain and bruising only due to injection in the application area.



This method, which has started to be used as a cellular treatment method, is a treatment application created by using the blood cells of the person or persons. As for the benefits of PRP, it allows you to see the correct results thanks to the keratinocytes and epithelial growth factors that platelets provide to this region, especially in the skin areas where the person’s thin hair is formed.

Thanks to this treatment method, thinned hair provides thickening of the hair follicles and volume after this application. Hair mesotherapy is among other different techniques.