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Silk eyelash is the general name given to the material used and the application made due to the silky and silky softness it contains.

Silk eyelash material is an artificial eyelash substance formed by mixtures of mink, pure silk, natural human hair. These artificial silk eyelashes are called “silk eyelash application” by applying different techniques to natural eyelashes, semi-permanent / periodic extension, intensification, shaping process. Silk eyelash application is water, pool, sea resistant application and provides a well-maintained appearance for 3-4 weeks.

It is an excellent application for those who do not want to use mascara or want to get a more natural, more effective image than the image given by mascara, who want to save time devoted to makeup. It provides a vigorously groomed appearance without makeup and there are alternatives to naturalness, density and length that vary according to one’s preference.



Silk eyelash application; it is a method that increases the length and thickness of real eyelashes. These false silk lashes, made of silk, are glued to the real eyelashes on the upper eyelid one by one with special medical glue. The thickness and length of the silk eyelash is determined according to the eye structure of the person and sometimes depending on the person’s desire. The application takes about 1. 5-2 hours. Our eyelashes are shed 1 by 2 each day in 2-3 months and replaced with new eyelashes. Depending on the system, these special eyelashes added to each eyelash are also shed along with those that are in this natural shedding phase. This is the only way our silk eyelashes are shed.

Since the application is planted on the tip of the eyelash, the bottoms of the eyelashes get air. Eyelashes are extremely soft and light, as they are made of silk material, there is no feeling of excess and discomfort after application. In addition, since special medical adhesive is used, it is hypo-allergic, has no side effects to the eye and is safely applied even around the sensitive eye. Moreover, when you bathe or clean your makeup, your silk eyelashes do not get damaged, they do not fall out. Silk eyelashes can be used for an average of 90 days, depending on the growth of natural eyelashes, when the application is done correctly and regular care is carried out.