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Yoga is a form of exercise that focuses on breathing to increase physical and mental well-being. It includes a range of movements, breathing exercises and meditation designed to reduce stress, stay healthy, increase strength and flexibility. Its purpose is to raise awareness and harmony in the mind and body. Yoga practice, an old tradition, provides many mental and physical benefits. Strengthens muscles, supports respiratory system and heart health, helps with addiction treatment, reduces stress, anxiety, depression and chronic pain, improves sleep patterns, improves quality of life. Yoga, which is practiced in various ways in many countries, is considered a complementary and alternative type of medicine as a holistic approach in the West.



Sessions typically last 45-90 minutes. Since it is an individual application, it can be changed to meet the needs and goals. Initially, working as often as possible provides quick adaptation. During practice, the goal is to physically challenge yourself and focus is on your breath. Yoga studios usually don’t have mirrors; focuses one’s attention on relaxation, breathing, the abilities of the body and so on.